Summer activities for Muslim kids including part of the 10Promised Paradise series asa suggestion

Summer Activities for Muslim Kids

Do you remember that feeling as a kid of having the whole summer stretched out before you?  2 months felt like a lifetime.  As a parent, you might feel the same way but for different reasons!  It’s great to take a break but endless free time can lead to complaints of boredom and sibling squabbles (just me?).  Plus time is a blessing and we want to show gratitude by using it in a way that is beneficial.  Read on for some fun summer activities for Muslim kids to get stuck into!

Africa and Islam lap book as a summer topic project

Summer Topic Project

If your kids are in full-time education that doesn’t include Islamic studies, the summer is a great time to dive into their Islamic education.  Naturally, you’ll start with the fundamentals, tawheed, pillars of Islam, pillars of Iman, and the fiqh they’ll need to fulfil their ibaadah.  After that, it’s a great idea to tackle one topic and complete it.  It gives you and your kids a sense of accomplishment which is highly motivating!  

A seerah project, the 10 Promised Paradise, stories of the Prophets or the Mothers of the Believers are great for kids as they naturally engage with the stories. Check out this 10 Promised Paradise Set for a print-and-go project.  This blog post all about ways for kids to show how much they’ve learnt about Islam should be helpful in the summer when anything that looks like schoolwork might be met with reluctance.

If you homeschool, you might want to take a break from formal learning but explore a topic with absolutely no expectations instead.  You can pick a topic like bugs and then provide some library books, a few documentary suggestions, a magnifying glass and trips outside to hunt for insects. Absolutely no worksheets, pencils or anything else required.  Just add in gentle reminders about who created the wonderful world we are experiencing.  If you’d like a free Ants in the Qu’ran activity pages set, click here!

summer writing prompts

Summer Journal Writing

Writing without any deadline can be really fun!  Even reluctant writers can enjoy journaling. Add in stickers, attractive stationery and a (completely optional) list of prompts to get them eager to put pen to paper.  If you’d like a free set of summer writing prompts click here!

Summer Club

One of my favourite summer memories with my kids was attending ‘Art in the Park’ sessions with a group of Muslim mums and children.  It was organised by a lovely sister may Allah reward her and was actually fairly simple.  The kids got together with sketchbooks, and basic art supplies and were given a simple 5 min tutorial of a technique.  They explored a section of the park together and practised together.  It was great for the mothers and the kids to get outside and spend time together. It also had the added benefit of the kids paying close attention to their surroundings and nature.  

If you are in a hot country for the summer, there are plenty of indoor summer activities for Muslim kids. Cooking, self-defence, lego, STEM, first aid…the list goes on.  You can either host a few kids once a week or take turns with other mothers.  It’s best to set a number of sessions and be really clear about what is expected (consistent attendance for example).  If you wanted to add in some Islamic content, you could have a theme each week like patience, kindness, and generosity and find and link activities to each theme.

Summer Skills

Summer is a great time to gain or develop skills. There may not have been time to paint, code, garden or cook much during the year.  Even if we try to avoid the grind, schoolwork whether it’s in a school or in a homeschool means that you can’t jump with both feet into developing a skill.  Whether it’s swimming, sewing or something else, summer is full of possibilities!

Free resources to help you teach kids about Islam

I hope you have found these summer activities for Muslim kids suggestions helpful.  If you would like to get a FREE summer writing resource then join the mailing list here and gain access to the free resource library.

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