How To Support Kids When Islamic Studies Is Hard? Successful Scaffolding Techniques

Using scaffolding to help when Islamic Studies is hard

What if your child is just not understanding what you are teaching in Islamic Studies? It can be really tough because more than any other subject you desperately want them to enjoy and understand Islamic topics.  Aside from ensuring that the difficulty level is appropriate, there are additional ways to help your kids engage and […]

How to avoid burnout as a Muslim homeschooler?

How to avoid burnout as a Muslim homeschooler

If you’ve been homeschooling for a while you may experienced burnout personally or at least known others who have.  Homeschooling has so many benefits but like everything worthwhile, it also has its challenges.  Burnout however is not inevitable.   It’s defined as a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged […]

Beyond Crafts: Explore 5 Educational Ramadan Writing Projects for Kids

Ramadan writing resource for kids

Ramadan writing activities might not be top of your priority list while planning for Ramadan but if you homeschool you know what a struggle Ramadan homeschooling can be.  It’s a challenge to balance schooling with fasting and other ibaadah.   Some families like to take the whole month off but for others that just isn’t […]

6 Easy Ramadan Crafts for Muslim Kids

Examples of paintings and other easy Ramadan crafts

We’ve all seen the beautiful Ramadan crafts that require 4 empty kitchen rolls, 10 pipe cleaners and some extra supplies that seem to only be available on Amazon for a small fortune.  That, or the craft looks like a professional artist did it and no child went within 10 metres of it unsupervised.  These easy […]

Homeschool Hacks for Creating Consistency

Worksheets prepped ahead of time to encourage consistency

Consistency is one of the biggest homeschool challenges.  Homeschool parents often share with each other how hard it is to keep on track when there are so many events and difficulties that can derail you.  I’ve definitely had my fair share of skipped lessons and day holidays that turned into week-long breaks.   However, the […]

Homeschool Organization and Structure Strategies

Muslim homeschool planner showing a list of supplies to buy

Writing this blog post on homeschool organization feels ironic considering how much I have struggled over the years.  I have tried so many different ways of organizing my homeschooling.  Honestly, it’s likely that if you homeschool you’ll have to change how you structure your teaching and studying as your circumstances change.  Whether you face kids […]

Brilliant Benefits of Islamic Copywork

Benefits of Islamic copywork with Prophets copywork with Quranic ayat

Islamic copywork is so beneficial for Muslim homeschoolers or parents who want an easy beneficial activity for their kids.  There are lots of blog posts from homeschoolers about why they love copywork but very few about the benefits for Muslim kids.  Read on for why Islamic copywork is a brilliant addition to your child’s studies. […]

The Importance of Independent Work in Your Muslim Homeschool

The importance of independent work showing a mothers of the believers craft

Independent work is the lifeblood of a successful homeschool.  Sometimes parents feel guilty that they are not spending more time ‘teaching’.  However, the ability of kids to complete work independently is hugely beneficial for them and for you.  Read on for just some of the reasons why independent work is so important and ditch that […]

Summer Activities for Muslim Kids

Summer activities for Muslim kids including part of the 10Promised Paradise series asa suggestion

Do you remember that feeling as a kid of having the whole summer stretched out before you?  2 months felt like a lifetime.  As a parent, you might feel the same way but for different reasons!  It’s great to take a break but endless free time can lead to complaints of boredom and sibling squabbles […]

Muslim Homeschooling on a Budget

Budget pages with calculator showing a homeschooling

Homeschooling can be an expensive choice but in the current economic climate, it can seem unaffordable to many.  Even in families where only one parent works, regardless of whether they homeschool, educational expenses can feel like an added burden.  However Muslim homeschooling on a budget IS possible!  I’ve made a lot of (expensive) mistakes in […]

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