Examples of paintings and other easy Ramadan crafts

6 Easy Ramadan Crafts for Muslim Kids

We’ve all seen the beautiful Ramadan crafts that require 4 empty kitchen rolls, 10 pipe cleaners and some extra supplies that seem to only be available on Amazon for a small fortune.  That, or the craft looks like a professional artist did it and no child went within 10 metres of it unsupervised.  These easy Ramadan crafts are designed not to stress you out or cost a fortune.  They are created by an artistically challenged mother who wants something fun up her sleeve to distract the kids during the fasts but does not want to pay a small fortune or have her sabr needlessly tested!

To make these Ramadan crafts even easier for you to do, I’ve created a free pdf that contains all the printables and instructions you need. Just sign up here to download your copy!  You don’t need the templates but they are a time-saver.

Ramadan mini-gallery worksheet

This is probably the simplest Ramadan craft included.  Just print the sheet that includes mini frames to draw your favourite iftars, your local masjid, what you would like to give in charity and more. 

I love this because you can repeat it every Ramadan and track their evolving tastes and developing drawing skills!

Ramadan Masjid Agamograph

If you have never heard of an agamograph, then don’t worry, it sounds much more technical than it is.

An agamograph is an art form that uses optical illusion to change the image seen in an artwork, depending on the angle of the viewer.

This easy Ramadan craft shows the masjid at Fajr time and Maghrib. It is a great opportunity to study the skies at both times and make clear to kids the distinction between the false Fajr and the true Fajr.

Here are the instructions, I promise it is simpler than it sounds.

  1. Print the template
  2. Colour each masjid.  Watercolours are great for creating skies but use whatever you prefer.
  3. Cut each picture along the lines to create strips.
  4. Place them down alternating each piece i.e. Fajr strip 1, Maghrib strip 1, Fajr strip 2, Maghrib strip 2, Fajr strip 3, Maghrib strip 3 etc
  5. Glue to a landscape piece of paper
  6. Fold accordion style (as if you were creating a fan)
  7. Display and walk around it to see the pictures change
Masjid crayon picture surrounded by hand-drawn buildings and painted over with watercolour

Masjid Community Art

This easy Ramadan craft is perfect for teaching kids that the masjid is the heart of a community,  It’s also fantastic because it can be personalised easily by including buildings from your neighbourhood.


  1. Draw a masjid in the centre of your page (there is a masjid drawing guide in the pdf)
  2. Draw a range of different buildings around the masjid, e.g. schools, hospitals, shops and homes
  3. Make sure the homes are not all the same and include apartments, townhouses, villas to add variation. You can add further interest by including some 3-D buildings.
  4. Colour your picture. After colouring you can outline the buildings in black marker.  Or you can use oil pastels or crayons to colour the houses and then paint over with watercolours.

Qur’an Bookmarks

Boomarks are a classic easy Ramadan craft for kids.  They make great gifts and are much needed during Ramadan when everyone is reading more Qur’an.

I’ve included a set of bookmarks to colour and decorate.  They each include a Qur’anic quote about the Qur’an and a small illustration.  You can definitely just make your own but there are also some blank templates included as well.

Ways to customise

  • Print on coloured paper
  • Mount on patterned paper
  • Paint watercolour backgrounds
  • Laminate
  • Add tassels or ribbons

Ramadan Word Art

This is one of my favourites because it looks good enough to display but is very easy!

Simply print out the Ramadan word template and colour.

The way to make it really stand out is to contrast the word and the beams coming from it.  Choose warm (red, yellow, orange, pink) or cool (blue, purple, greens) for the word and then the opposite for the beams.

You can also draw patterns in crayon or oil pastel on the different beams and then paint over with watercolour paint.  I know I have suggested crayon resist and watercolours for many of these Ramadan crafts but it’s simple, effective and fun for kids. You can even use washable markers and then paint over with water if you want to skip the paints.

Arabic Alphabet Art

Lots of kids spend a while learning and becoming confident recognising and writing Arabic letters.  This easy Ramadan craft helps with that while also creating a beautiful art piece.  Arabic letters look beautiful to me and are art in themselves!

Two templates are included, one with the letters to trace and another one with just the blank squares.  Just colour the squares and write the letters in each box.  

It’s a great opportunity to discuss the colour wheel and complementary colours. Kids can choose one colour for the box and a complementary colour for the letter.

Other ideas include:

  • Paste colours tissue or paper in the squares
  • Glitter (if you are brave)
  • Use cotton buds and paint to make a dotted effect
  • Crayon and watercolours

Free resources to help you teach kids about Islam

I hope you have found these easy Ramadan craft ideas helpful.  If you would like to get the FREE pdf with all the templates and information in this post then join the mailing list here to download and gain access to the free resource library full of Islamic educational resources.

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