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Welcome to Teach Me Islam!

I’m Um Zayd, a Muslim homeschooler living in Jeddah and if you are looking for homeschool perfection, you won’t find it at my house!  I began my homeschooling journey over 10 years ago and whilst I’ve learned a lot, I’m still learning (and making mistakes).   

There have been multiple challenges – newborns, different learning styles and ages, but my biggest issues have always been:

1.  Finding time to give my kids an Islamic education and complete all the other work. 

2. Consistency.

And as I’ve connected with other Muslim homeschooling mothers, I’ve learnt I’m not the only one!

Teach Me Islam was born when I found myself:

👎 wasting precious time trying to find Islamic resources and finding nothing suitable or a one-off worksheet.

👎 fed up with all the inappropriate content in textbooks and curriculum

👎 concerned that only authentic well-referenced Islamic information should be the basis of any resources

👎 frustrated that our Islamic Studies lessons seemed less engaging and attractive than other subjects

👎 worried that the language and concepts from the Islamic texts were too challenging for younger kids

prophets of Islam worksheets

My first resource....

was created to help me teach my son Zayd all about the prophets.  I could only find worksheets on a few prophets, they were designed for older kids, required a lot of writing and some even had inauthentic information (eek!).   I decided to make a set of worksheets that included the names in Arabic, simple true/false questions plus optional colouring.   

They were an instant success because:

✅ No prep made them easy to do at any time

✅ Zayd loved them and was eager for the lessons

✅ It was so motivating to see how much learning can take place when it’s at just the right level for a child.


From my homeschool to yours...

A passion for creating resources was born.  Everything I create is used in my own homeschool and Allahumma barik, it’s been the biggest thrill to see them used in yours.

As far as I’m concerned if you teach your child at home, you’re part of the homeschooling community even if your child attends a school.  All Muslim parents with a desire to teach your child about the Qur’an and Sunnah are welcome here.

You can gain support in 3 main ways.

1. The Blog – helpful tips and ideas for your homeschool

2. The Free Resource Library – worksheets, biography packs and more!

3. The Shop – resources to make teaching and learning smooth and fun!

Contact Me:

If you spot a mistake or have a question, please contact me at

Any benefit is from my Lord, Allah the most High, and any error is my own.

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