Benefits of Islamic copywork with Prophets copywork with Quranic ayat

Brilliant Benefits of Islamic Copywork

Islamic copywork is so beneficial for Muslim homeschoolers or parents who want an easy beneficial activity for their kids.  There are lots of blog posts from homeschoolers about why they love copywork but very few about the benefits for Muslim kids.  Read on for why Islamic copywork is a brilliant addition to your child’s studies.

Animals in the Quran copywork

Exposure to a variety of Islamic content

Islamic copywork is a simple and easy way of introducing a variety of Islamic content into your child’s studies.  It often feels like there is a mountain of beneficial Islamic topics we would like to cover each year and realistically there just isn’t the time.  However, by using Quranic verses, ahadith or quotes from the salaf or scholars as copywork you can introduce a range of topics that you might not be able to cover in Islamic studies.

Islamic copywork encourages careful thought

Another benefit of Islamic copywork is that it encourages careful reflection on the text.  It takes time to copy a passage and it requires focus on each word.  This is perfect for Islamic texts that are intended to be reflected upon like Quranic verses.

Islamic copywork is a beneficial independent activity 

I don’t know a parent who doesn’t want a quiet beneficial independent activity for their kids!  Sometimes you just need them to get on with something quietly in a corner and Islamic copywork is perfect for that!  Plus if you are a Muslim homeschooler, copywork is ideal for setting while you focus on another child or task that needs your attention.

Islamic copywork supplements Islamic studies like these Prophet Ayyub copywork sheets

Islamic copywork supplements Islamic Studies

Islamic copywork is the perfect complement to Islamic Studies.  You can design it to perfectly accompany the topics you are exploring in Islamic studies.  An example are these Prophets copwork sheets, that have an ayat for each Prophet for kids to copy.  They are ideal for when you are studying the stories of the Prophets.  It functions as both revision and an extension activity.

Improve handwriting, grammar and vocabulary.

Other benefits of Islamic copywork are general to any copywork.  Students improve their handwriting because their focus is on forming the letters correctly rather than formulating sentences.

Copying correct grammar and spelling also helps improve their own skills.  Islamic copywork also exposes kids to a wide vocabulary especially words that they might not come across except in Islamic texts.  An example might be the words gracious or merciful which are not common in modern writing.

Improve stamina and focus

A final benefit of Islamic copywork is that it improves stamina and focus.  Writing stamina can only be improved through practice and copywork makes this very straight-forward.  In order to copy precisely kids need to focus for an extended period and this is an incredibly important skill to acquire for studies (and life!).  At a time when people’s attention spans are reducing due to the consumption of short-form media, intentional exercises to improve focus are essential.

Free Islamic copywork example for the Prophet Adam

Resources to help you include Islamic copywork in your child’s studies

I hope you have found the recap of the benefits of Islamic copywork useful.  If you would like to get a FREE resource that includes copywork related to the prophet Adam join the mailing list here to download a free resource and gain access to the free resource library.

Short on time? If you would like done-for-you copywork packs, you can purchase the following packs:

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