How To Support Kids When Islamic Studies Is Hard? Successful Scaffolding Techniques

Using scaffolding to help when Islamic Studies is hard

What if your child is just not understanding what you are teaching in Islamic Studies? It can be really tough because more than any other subject you desperately want them to enjoy and understand Islamic topics.  Aside from ensuring that the difficulty level is appropriate, there are additional ways to help your kids engage and […]

What to teach kids about the Muslim Jesus?

What to teach kids about the Muslim Jesus information sheets

The idea of a Muslim Jesus might strike non-Muslims as a little strange.  They are likely unfamiliar with the high status of the prophet Isa in our faith.  Sadly, sometimes Muslim kids can also become confused between the Muslim Jesus and the Christian concept of Jesus which is particularly prominent around Christmas and Easter.  So […]

What to teach your child about Muharram

What to teach about Muharram worksheet on a clipboard

Muharram is a very special time of year!  It’s really important to connect our kids to the Hijri calendar so they don’t miss out on these beneficial and special times.  It can be easy for us to suddenly realise that it’s the Day of Aashoora in a couple of days and we haven’t prepared our […]

Brilliant Benefits of Islamic Copywork

Benefits of Islamic copywork with Prophets copywork with Quranic ayat

Islamic copywork is so beneficial for Muslim homeschoolers or parents who want an easy beneficial activity for their kids.  There are lots of blog posts from homeschoolers about why they love copywork but very few about the benefits for Muslim kids.  Read on for why Islamic copywork is a brilliant addition to your child’s studies. […]

Virtual Field Trips: A Guide for Muslim Parents

A guide to Virtual Field Trips for Muslim parents. An ipad displaying a Makkah Virtual Field Trip

Have you ever heard of virtual field trips?  They are a brilliant way to make teaching about a place interactive and fun.  They became very popular during covid when actual field trips (school trips for UK readers) were impossible.  In Islam, we have lots of special locations to teach our kids about.  If you’d like […]

Animals in the Quran: A way to connect kids with the Speech of Allah

Animals in the Quran a way to connect to the Quran. An ant poster craft.

Why is teaching kids about the animals in the Quran a great way of developing love and interest in the speech of Allah? Most children have a curiosity about animals and are eager to learn more.  Plus sometimes the traditional format of studying a surah at a time can be challenging for younger kids.  By […]

How to create Islamic comprehension passages: a step-by-step guide

How to create Islamic comprehension passages nd worksheets

There is a huge demand for Islamic comprehension passages amongst Muslim homeschoolers.  It’s a commonly expressed concern amongst Muslim parents that the reading material their children encounter during English lessons is not beneficial and in lots of cases completely contrary to Islamic values.  Alhamdulillah, Islamic comprehension passages offer a much better alternative.  They allow parents […]

5 types of Ramadan activities for young kids to try this Ramadan

5 types of Ramadan activities for young kids to try this Ramadan with a picture of a Ramadan moon phases spinner

Ramadan activities can be quite divisive amongst Muslim parents!  Some think that they are a fun way of educating kids about Ramadan and involving even young kids in this special time.  Others believe they place an unnecessary burden on the parents and are an unwise use of time at a time when they are making […]

How to Teach Young Kids About the Prophets When They Can’t Read or Write Yet

Arts and crafts materials used to help teach young kids about the prophets of Islam

So many parents want to teach their young kids about the prophets and other important Islamic topics but are not sure how to start when their kids can’t read or write yet.  So many educational resources, even those designed for young kids, require a lot of reading and writing.  However, almost all learning at a […]

Ways to teach kids about Islam when you are short on time

We all know it is essential to teach kids about Islam.  We are created to worship Allah alone and knowledge of Islam is fundamental to all ibaadah.  When you are in a busy time of life whether you have a newborn, or you’re caring for sick relatives or other heavy commitments, you can find that […]

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