A guide to Virtual Field Trips for Muslim parents. An ipad displaying a Makkah Virtual Field Trip

Virtual Field Trips: A Guide for Muslim Parents

Have you ever heard of virtual field trips?  They are a brilliant way to make teaching about a place interactive and fun.  They became very popular during covid when actual field trips (school trips for UK readers) were impossible.  In Islam, we have lots of special locations to teach our kids about.  If you’d like to know more about how virtual field trips can help connect your Muslim kids to their sacred places, read on!

What exactly is a virtual field trip?

Virtual field trips are digital explorations of places through images, videos and audio clips.  You can find lots of read-made virtual field trips online for museums, zoos, galleries and more.  This website has some suggestions for kid-friendly virtual trips.

The main difference between a virtual field trip and a normal presentation is how interactive it is.  It’s essential to include lots of images, video and audio so students can really get a sense of being there.  

Recently there was an Islamic arts biennial in Jeddah.  In part of the exhibition, there were several VR headsets that showed various masjids around the world.  It was amazing how looking around and hearing the hustle and bustle gave you a sense of each place.  Virtual field trips aim to do the same.  A short virtual transportation to another place to really get a sense of a new location.

Why are they great for Muslim families?

Not all Muslim families can take regular trips to Makkah and Madinah.  Plus, it is difficult for all but local residents to visit Al-Aqsa (may Allah free the Muslims of oppression).  

But these places are really significant in our religion.  

💡Makkah is linked to the pillar of hajj and the obligation of umrah.  

💡Prayers are worth more in Masjid Al-Haram, Masjid An-Nabawi and Al-Aqsa.  

💡They are important locations that inform our understanding of the Seerah.  

💡They are also mentioned in the Quran and are linked to the stories of the prophets.

When Muslim kids learn about these places and their significance, it sparks a desire to visit!  It naturally fosters a love for them and an understanding of why as Muslims we love to spend time there and want to protect them.

A quiz about Madinah displayed on an Ipad showing interactive learning.

What are ways to make learning interactive?

You want to teach your kids about Makkah, Madinah and Al-Aqsa and you want to try using virtual field trips ….but how do you make it interactive and fun?

The key is to include lots of audio, video and images.  Alhamdulillah there are a lot of resources available online for free.  You can show a live stream from the Haramain or listen to the athan from Al-Aqsa.  Additionally, you can display images alongside relevant ahadith text.

Quizzes also help make learning fun which you can either include as part of the presentation or utilise a Google or Kahoot quiz after the lesson.

What are some ideas for how you can use virtual field trips?

There are lots of ways you can use virtual field trips! 

Here are just a few suggestions:

Geography – teach as part of a famous cities topic or Arabian Penisula unit

Islamic Studies – explain their religious significance

Hajj – learn before setting off on a Hajj or Umrah trip

Tafsir – dive deep when explaining why surahs are classed as Makkan or Madani

Seerah – teach about Makkah and Madinah and their role in the Prophet’s life

Ramadan – teach about i’tikaf and why Muslims strive to make umrah in Ramadan

An Arabian Peninsula Lapbook showing one of the ways you can use Virtual Field Trips.

In what ways can you extend learning past the virtual field trip?

Virtual field trips often spark a real interest which extends past the initial lesson.  There are countless ways you can continue learning!  Here are just a few to try…

✅Create a travel brochure for an Umrah company

✅Create a poster for kids explaining why the place is so important

✅Write a blog post about 5 places to visit in that location

✅Record a podcast episode about why the place is significant to Muslims

✅Paint a picture of the place

✅Create an online quiz to test family members about important facts

Free Al-Aqsa Virtual Field Trip

I hope you have found this information about virtual field trips for Muslim kids helpful.  If you would like to get a FREE Al-Aqsa Virtual Field Trip complete with presentation and worksheets click here.  

You can also purchase Makkah and Madinah virtual field trips from my shops on Etsy or TPT.  

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