Beyond Crafts: Explore 5 Educational Ramadan Writing Projects for Kids

Ramadan writing resource for kids

Ramadan writing activities might not be top of your priority list while planning for Ramadan but if you homeschool you know what a struggle Ramadan homeschooling can be.  It’s a challenge to balance schooling with fasting and other ibaadah.   Some families like to take the whole month off but for others that just isn’t […]

Summer Activities for Muslim Kids

Summer activities for Muslim kids including part of the 10Promised Paradise series asa suggestion

Do you remember that feeling as a kid of having the whole summer stretched out before you?  2 months felt like a lifetime.  As a parent, you might feel the same way but for different reasons!  It’s great to take a break but endless free time can lead to complaints of boredom and sibling squabbles […]

How to create Islamic comprehension passages: a step-by-step guide

How to create Islamic comprehension passages nd worksheets

There is a huge demand for Islamic comprehension passages amongst Muslim homeschoolers.  It’s a commonly expressed concern amongst Muslim parents that the reading material their children encounter during English lessons is not beneficial and in lots of cases completely contrary to Islamic values.  Alhamdulillah, Islamic comprehension passages offer a much better alternative.  They allow parents […]

Writing Tips for Muslim Homeschoolers

Writing Tips for Muslim Homeschoolers

Most homeschoolers I chat to mention that writing can be a struggle for at least one of their kids.  They stare at a blank page or write a few lines and get distracted.  This can be demotivating for you as a homeschooling parent as writing lessons become a chore for both of you.  The focus […]

Teaching Writing in a Muslim Homeschool

Teaching Writing in a Muslim Homeschool

Do you ever get really excited about an English resource and then your heart sinks when you see the content?  The wrong resources can feel like ill-fitting shoes, you try to make the best of it but eventually you admit they are uncomfortable and they gather dust in the corner.  Teaching writing in a Muslim […]

What are Islamic Comprehension Passages and why you should be using them?

Benefits of using Islamic texts in Muslim homeschool

Islamic comprehension passages and Islamic comprehension worksheets are so beneficial for your homeschool but you might not realize why….yet! Have you ever been teaching your child to read and had to skip a page because of something inappropriate?  It happens all the time, Santa, Halloween, a witch, a lucky charm, tooth fairy, a birthday….the list […]

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