Summer Activities for Muslim Kids

Summer activities for Muslim kids including part of the 10Promised Paradise series asa suggestion

Do you remember that feeling as a kid of having the whole summer stretched out before you?  2 months felt like a lifetime.  As a parent, you might feel the same way but for different reasons!  It’s great to take a break but endless free time can lead to complaints of boredom and sibling squabbles […]

The Arabian Peninsula Unit Study For Homeschoolers

Places of the seerah worksheets from the Arabian Peninsula Unit designed for Muslim homeschoolers

At first sight, the Arabian Peninsula might seem like an unusual topic for a unit study!  It’s not a continent or even a famous region like the Middle East.  Also, you won’t see it commonly listed in unit study topic suggestions for homeschoolers.   However, it’s PERFECT for Muslim homeschoolers.  It is easy to seamlessly combine […]

5 Reasons You Should Teach About Africa and Islam

5 reasons you should teach about Africa and Islam and a Africa lapbook

Excuse me sister, but why did you choose Africa and Islam as a topic? The question surprised me a little at the time. I was running an online study and a curious sister asked this in the group. I realised that the answer might not be obvious so here is an explanation of why it […]

Why is Makkah Sacred?

Virtues of Makkah to teach kids

Do your kids know why Makkah is sacred?  We pray towards it every day but there are so many virtues of Makkah to learn about! Allah made Makkah a sacred and special place Rewards for deeds in Makkah are greater than rewards for deeds done elsewhere.  Prayer in Makkah is equal to 100,000 prayers elsewhere.  […]

Masjid Al-Aqsa: 5 Things to Teach Kids

5 facts to teach your child about Al-Aqsa with an image showing worksheets

If you were to ask Muslim children about Islam’s holy cities, what would they say?  Makkah and Madinah!  How many of our kids would mention Al-Quds?  How many of them could tell us all about Masjid Al-Aqsa?  Where is it?  Why is it special? If you are looking for a free resource to help you […]

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