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How to Teach about the Mothers of the Believers

You might know what you want to teach but exactly how to teach about the Mothers of the Believers might stump you.  It’s not easy covering all the beneficial Islamic topics with our kids especially if you are trying to fulfill so many other educational aims such as learning Quran, developing Arabic understanding and your curriculum requirements such as English, Maths, Science and History.  Here are 5 suggestions for ways to teach about the Mothers of the Believers to your kids.  The approach that is right for you will depend so much on your own circumstances so read on to see which one is the best fit for your family.

An Islamic Studies Unit

The first way to teach about the Mothers of the Believers is simply to dedicate an entire Islamic Studies unit to the subject.  At my daughters’ school here in Jeddah they teach the subject seerah.  For several years they study the life of the Messenger (may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace) and then after that they learn about the 10 Promised Jannah for one year and the Mothers of the Believers for another.

Teaching them all together in succession as part of a unit has many benefits.  It allows children to easily make parallels between the lives of the Mothers of the Believers.  They notice similarities and differences in their lives.  There is also a natural revision that happens when you recap the previous biographies before you start a new one.  

Read alouds/books

Read alouds are such a fantastic tool for any parent or teacher.  They encourage connection, help to spark organic conversations and are an enjoyable way to introduce Islamic content.

Younger kids are likely to really enjoy this book all about the Wives of the Prophet.  It’s a beautiful faceless picture book that really appeals to Muslim children.

Older kids can be read biographies and really benefit from open-ended questions like:

  • What challenges did she face?
  • Can you see any admirable characteristics you’d like to copy?
  • Which other wife do you think she is similar to?

English and History Lessons: biography units

In most primary/elementary curricula, there is a requirement to study biographies in English lessons. In the British National Curriculum, Key Stage 1 (KS1) introduces basic biographical concepts, exploring key historical figures through simplified stories and illustrations. At Key Stage 2 (KS2), biographies become more detailed, delving deeper into the lives of significant individuals. Students analyze their impact on history, understand societal changes, and develop critical thinking through biographical studies, often linking them to broader historical contexts and events.

In elementary education within the US curriculum, biographies are integrated into subjects like English Language Arts and Social Studies. Students explore the lives of historical figures, learning about their contributions to society and the impact of their actions. Through reading biographical texts, students develop comprehension skills, analyze character traits, and gain insights into historical events.

This is a perfect opportunity to teach about the Mothers of the Believers.  You can fulfill the curriculum requirements whilst also giving your children valuable role models.

An example of how you can teach about historical context and events while teaching the biographies of the Mothers of the Believers is to teach about the life of Safiyyah bint Huyyay (may Allah be pleased with her.)

Focus on:

  • The Jewish tribes of Arabia
  • The tension after the hijrah to Madinah
  • The plots and agreements between the pagans of Makkah and the Jewish tribes
  • The war that Safiyyah was captured in
  • The benefit of marrying Safiyyah and her position in her tribe

This is in addition to educating about Safiyyah’s beautiful character and piety.

Independent Work

Independent work is a staple of any homeschool.  You can read an entire post about its importance here.

You can teach about the Mothers of the Believers through independent work if the resources are designed for children. Independent work fails when it is too difficult for a child or they don’t have everything they need to complete the work, either information or context.  They then keep coming to you for assistance which defeats the point!  

Child-friendly biographies with associated worksheets make successful independent work.  This is especially true when there are a variety of worksheets but a similar format.  The consistency of format means that kids can learn how to complete them once and then successfully tackle them independently.  The variety is important to prevent boredom!

Character Studies

The last suggested way to teach about the Mothers of the Believers is through character studies.  Many parents are reluctant to spend too much time focusing on fictional characters and would much rather teach about real people and events.  Some skills that are developed traditionally through the study of fictional stories can be developed using accounts of real-life people and events.

An example would be to deduce characteristics based on their actions. 

Using our Mother Khadijah (may Allah be pleased with her) as a model:

She comforted the Prophet ﷺ when he first received revelation. ➡ caring

She raised many great Companions in her home. ➡ a good mother

She shared her wealth with the Prophet ﷺ  and did everything she could to help him. ➡ supportive

Resources to Teach Kids about the Mothers of the Believers

I hope you have found these suggestions for how to teach kids about the Mothers of the Believers helpful.  If you would like to get a resources especially designed to educate Muslim children about the Mothers of the Believers, please click the links below,

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