Great female companions to teach your kids about showing a mothers of the believers game

Great Female Companions to teach your kids about 

Great female companions are essential as role models for Muslim kids.  Your kids don’t just look to their mothers, aunts and grandmothers for female role models. They are exposed to so many different personalities.

We need to be active in providing positive examples of femininity to girls AND boys. BOTH need to recognize what a good woman looks like.

They won’t look the same either! Good women and their great characteristics come in different forms and it is vitally important that kids know about as many of them as possible.  The sahaba were the best generation and as such they contain wonderful examples of lives lived that were pleasing to Allah.  Here are just a few of the great female companions you could teach about.

Mothers of the believers with a Khadijah worksheet

Mothers of the Believers

The wives of the Prophet enjoy a special status as Mothers of the Believers(may Allah be pleased with them).  They were great female Companions with amazing characters and qualities that kids will find inspirational inshaAllah.  You can download a free resource pack for kids all about their virtues and special status here.

  • 1- Khadijah bint Khuwaylid
  • 2- Sawdah bint Zam’ah 
  • 3– ‘Aishah bint Abi Bakr al-Siddiq
  • 4– Hafsah bint ‘Umar
  • 5– Zaynab bint Khuzaymah
  • 6– Umm Salamah bint Abi Umayyah
  • 7– Juwayriyah bint al-Harith
  • 8- Zaynab bint Jahsh
  • 9– Umm Habibah bint Abi Sufyan
  • 10– Safiyyah bint Huyayy ibn Akhtab
  • 11- Maymunah bint al-Harith 

If you are excited for your child to learn about the Wives of the Prophet (May Allah raise his rank and grant him peace) and want resources especially designed to engage kids, the Mothers of the Believers series is for you.  Available on TPT, Etsy and the Teach Me Islam website.

Daughters of the Prophet

Among the daughters of the Prophet (May Allah raise his rank and grant him peace) are the leader of the women in paradise, one of the perfect women and wives of the rightly guided caliph Uthman.  They were righteous, and patient and had remained steadfast throughout the early days of Islam when their father faced many difficulties.  Raised in the household of the noble beloved wife of the Prophet, Khadijah, they had beautiful characters worthy of being emulated.  All of them are wonderful female companions to teach our children about.

  1. Zaynab
  2. Ruqqayah
  3. Um Kulthum
  4. Fatimah

Caretakers of the Prophet

Several great female companions helped to care for the Prophet when he was young include. 

⭐Halimah as-Sadiyyah


⭐Umm Ayman Barakah 

I just loved the story of Umm Ayman and created a resource pack to teach kids all about her life and care for the Prophet (may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace).  It’s available on TPT and  Etsy.

Paternal Aunts of the Prophet

The paternal aunts of the Messenger included some whom died before the first revelation and others who accepted Islam, made hijrah and were mothers to great Companions. Here are four who are reported to have accepted Islam.

⭐Safiyyah bint ’Abdul-Muttalib

⭐Arwa bint Abdul Muttalib

⭐Atikah bint ’Abdul-Muttalib

⭐Umamah bint ’Abdul-Muttalib

Muhajirun from the Female Companions

These are just a few suggestions of women you could teach about from those who made hijrah to Madinah.

⭐Fatimah bint Asad al-Hashimi

⭐Asma bint’Umays al-Khath’amiyyah

⭐Asma bint Abi Bakr

⭐Umm Kulthum bint ‘Uqbah

⭐Fatimah bin Qays

⭐Zaynab bint Abi Salamah -the stepdaughter of the Prophet

⭐Umm Khalid bint Khalid the last female Companion to die

⭐Umm al-Fadl, the mother of six noble Companions

Ansar from the Female Companions

There are so many amazing examples for us from the Ansar, the Muslims of Madinah who so generously welcomed the muhajirun.  Here are a few suggestions to start with.

⭐Umm ‘Imarah Nusaybah bint Ka’b, the Warrior

⭐Umm Sulaym Rumaysa

⭐Umm Haram bint Milhan, the Martyr

⭐Umm ‘Atiyyah Nasibah bint al-Harith

⭐Asma’ bint Yazid binas-Sakn

⭐Ar-Rubayyi’ bint Mu’awwidh

⭐Barirah, the freed slave of ‘A’ishah


Kharqa bint ’Abdul-Muttalib -the black girl with the red scarf. You can download a free resource all about her when you sign up the e-mail list here.

Book recommendation:

The Illustrious Women of Islam From the First Generation 

This book is an incredible resource to use to educate yourself and your children about wonderful female companions (may Allah be pleased with them.)

Free resources to help you teach kids about Islam

I hope you have found these ideas of great female companions to teach your children about helpful.  If you would like to get FREE biographie resource to help bless your kids with great Muslim role models then join the mailing list here to download engaging biography packs, and gain access to the free resource library.

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