Sawdah pennant poster and craft showing fun ways for kids to show what they have learnt about Islam

Fun ways for kids to show what they have learned about Islam

Can you remember any lessons that you absolutely loved as a child?  I’m guessing that they didn’t involve boring worksheets or dry dictation.  Active learning that engages learners helps them to really absorb the information.  Plus when they enjoy producing work on a topic it makes learning natural and seemingly effortless.  So what are some fun ways for kids to show what they have learned about Islam?

Podcast equipment


Speaking fluently about a topic is not only a skill but demonstrates a high level of familiarity with the subject.  I am not suggesting you upload a podcast online. Instead, challenge your kids to record a short podcast on their latest Islamic studies lesson and share it privately with family members.  You’ll be surprised by how determined they will be to get it right inshaAllah by re-recording their words.  

al-aqsa slide shown on a tab

Slideshow presentation to show what kids have learned about Islam

Slideshow presentations are great as they appeal to many learning styles.  Kids can be wildly creative, adding graphics, sounds, text and animations to present their topic and show what they have learned about Islam.  They could even design a virtual field trip to an Islamic location like Makkah or Madinah.  If you would like a free example of a slideshow, download this virtual field trip to masjid Al-Aqsa here

online Islamic studies quiz displayed on a desktop computer

Online Quiz

Kids take a lot of quizzes but they don’t generally get many opportunities to design their own.  Thinking about questions on a topic is a classic way to revise.  There are many Islamic books in a Question and Answer form.  You could use an online software like kahoot to involve family members and friends or even a simple google form quiz.  The question cards could even be used as part of a board game!

5 pillars poster

Posters show what kids have learned about Islam

Creating a poster demands deciding on the most important information and presenting it in a way that is visually appealing.  The great thing about posters is that kids of all ages can create them and it’s an activity that the whole family can join in together.

5 pillars and Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) lapbooks

Leaflet or Lapbook

Leaflets and lap books are great for learners to really think about how the information is presented.  Lap books require deciding which kind of flaps best serve each section of information.  They can be designed by hand or using online templates.  They are a great way for your kids to showcase what they have learned about Islam. You can download a free example in the first lesson of the Arabian Peninsula Unit Study here.


Alhamdulillah, there are many famous poems about a range of Islamic subjects.  They help make lots of information easy to recall.  By creating their own poems, not only do kids develop their language skills but they also commit the information to memory bithnillah.  

google maps on a ipad with colured pencils

Google Maps

Did you know you can create your own custom google map full of places you have marked and made notes on?  For example you could teach about the seerah and then ask them to identify and mark the various places on a map e.g. Hudaibiyyah.

I hope this blog post gave you some ideas for your Islamic lessons.  Obviously, these can’t be employed in every lesson but adding interesting and fun ways for kids to show what they have learnt about Islam helps create lifelong memories and with Allah’s permission, deep-rooted knowledge too.

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