useful ways of living a happy life

Useful Ways of Leading A Happy Life

Useful Ways Of Leading A Happy Life – by:Shaykh Abdur-Rahman bin Nasir As-Sa’di is such an incredibly beneficial book. 


It is packed full of wisdom and practical tips based on the Quran and Sunnah on how to achieve true happiness.


It’s great for every Muslim home and a perfect book to start your homeschool year with.  It can be used as part of your Islamic Studies Curriculum too.


Useful Ways Of Leading A Happy Life

Shaykh Abdur-Rahman bin Nasir As-Sa’di
Translated by: Bashir Aliyu Umar ; 

Printed by: The Ministry of Islamic Affairs,Endowments, Da’wah and Guidance

Supervised by:The Ministry’s Deputyship for Printing and Publishing Affairs.


Download the pdf here

Download and listen to Dr Saleh As-Saleh’s explanation of the book here.  The audio is about 1 hour long.

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