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How to use Ramadan activities to really benefit your family this Ramadan

Ramadan activities for kids are everywhere during Shaban.  They are all over Instagram, Pinterest and posted in Whatsapp groups.  MashaAllah ta Barak Allah as Muslim parents get excited about the upcoming month, they start planning and sharing Ramadan activities.  Around this time of year, you also get messages circulating about “why we don’t do any special Ramadan activities” and “does anyone else find all these activities overwhelming?”.  Not all resources are for all people so let’s explore the different Ramadan activities and which ones your family might find beneficial.

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Why even do Ramadan activities?

It’s a good question!  There are loads of reasons why Ramadan activities are so popular.  Firstly seeking knowledge is one of the best acts of ibaadah and Ramadan is all about ibaadah.  We want our kids to learn about the deen in this month.  Secondly teaching about the deen contains great reward for the parents and it seems a great way to spend your time in Ramadan.  Thirdly, kids need to learn about this important pillar and there is a lot to cover!  The virtues of the month, the fiqh of fasting and recommended sunnahs are all topics that can be learnt through activities in an engaging way. 

Additionally, kids need something beneficial to do!  So many of us completely change our schedules and routines during ramadan.  Maybe kids won’t be attending their regular sports class if it is during the day, or other activities are suspended during the blessed month.  Ramadan activities are a way for kids to enjoy themselves in a productive way.  Plus between preparing to host guests for iftar and your own ibaadah parents are often busy.  Knowing that your kids are occupied can give you peace of mind.  Lastly, it’s a distraction for the young fasters.  We have narrations of the sahaba giving toys to their children to distract them and we can follow their example by preparing activities for them to complete.  

Why do some people dislike Ramadan activities?

With all these advantages listed above, it begs the question, why do some people dislike Ramadan activities?   Firstly, some feel that activities put unnecessary pressure on parents. In a busy month of ibaadah, adding lot of fun activities can feel overwhelming, especially if you have multiple kids.  Next, some activities are perceived as being more style than substance, designed to be photographed and shared rather than designed with learning in mind.  Additionally, there is an idea that it detracts from the focus of the month, reading Qur’an.  Finally, some find them too expensive and would rather invest that money elsewhere.

Are Ramadan activities right for you?

The answer to whether Ramadan activities is conditional, it depends very much on your situation.   One person’s too expensive, is another person’s bargain.  Plus, teaching their kids the fiqh of fasting can be top priority for one parent and perhaps not for the parent of very small children who aren’t fasting yet.  It also depends on the activity.  Ramadan is the month of the Qur’an, but not all kids can read the Qur’an fluently yet much less understand it without help.  A great resource can connect kids with the Qur’an in this blessed month and allow them to share in the joy of reflecting on the Qur’an with the rest of the family.  Plus not all activities require glitter and glue sticks, lots are thoughtful resources aimed at encouraging consistent study for the month in an engaging way with no crafting required.

What are your options?

Here’s where you need to really examine your aims and preferences.  It can help to ask yourself the following questions?

What do you want to teach?

How often do you want to teach it?

Do you need your child to work independently?

What would your child find appealing?

Do you mind spending money/purchasing supplies to make it more special?

Do you want to teach Islamic studies only such as the fiqh of fasting?  Or are you homeschooling perhaps, so you want to swap your English comprehensions for Islamic texts for the month.  

Do you want a daily programme or is that just too much and a few times a week is plenty.

Is it vital that the work is done independently so you can carry out your other obligations or are you happy to help?

What will your child enjoy?  There is absolutely no point in planning a set of Ramadan themed crafts for a child that does not like art.  Copywork will drain all fun for a reluctant writer.  Look for what they love.

Finally, can you or do you want to invest money into purchasing your activities and supplies.  If so, how much is reasonable to you?

Free Resources round up

I hope you will now have a better idea of what you are on the lookout for.  It’s important to be realistic, about what will you and your child actually manage to complete.  Ambition is great but so is the feeling of accomplishment when you complete your programme of study.  It will help motivate you both for next Ramadan inshaAllah.  

Here are some ramadan themed resources that you might like to try out:

Free Ramadan Journal

This incredible Ramadan journal includes material to be covered before Ramadan and journal pages for when the month begins.  Can’t recommend it highly enough.  I actually purchased it a few years ago but it is now being offered for free.  May Allah reward the sister for her generosity and make it heavy on her scales.  Download here.

Free Ramadan Activity Printables

I designed these to be suitable for use in the masjid to keep kids quietly occupied during taraweeh. They are great for any time that you want kids to have some simple screen-free fun. Download here.

Free Sunnan of Ramadan information and worksheet pack

This pack contains hadith about the daily sunnan of Ramadan and a range of worksheets. It’s suitable for several age groups so you can teach lots of kids together insha’Allah. Download here.

Free Ramadan Craft Pack

These 6 fun art and craft activities are easy and inexpensive. You likely have everything you need at home already. Read more about them here and sign up here to get the free pdf with templates, printables and instructions.

Free Ramadan Bullet Journal

This is suitable for adults and older kids.  I haven’t used it myself yet but it looks absolutely beautiful.  Plus I just love everything from Salaam homeschool.  Download here.

Free 30 days with the Names of Allah (and 30 more days) workbooks

This can be used all year round but is PERFECT for Ramadan.  Each page covers one of the Beautiful Names of Allah.  Kids can complete these independently and a range of ages can benefit.  A homeschooler’s dream.  May Allah bless the sister and reward her for these incredible resources.

30 days with the Names of Allah 

30 more days with the Names of Allah 

Free My Ramadan Story and Colouring Book

Um Assad offers a range of great free resources on her website  Allahumma Barik.  There is a Ramadan learning pack, story and colouring book and book about titled the 7 Virtues of Ramadan.  May Allah make it heavy on her scales.

Find them here

Free Ramadan Activity Packs

Um Maimoonah has kindly made available two high-quality attractive Ramadan activity packs for free.  You can download them here.  Please scroll to the bottom of the page.  May Allah reward her for her generosity.

Ramadan Activities perfect for your family

Ramadan activities can be such a great way for kids to learn and have fun during Ramadan. They encourage consistency and often are the result of very thoughtful planning.  However, they can be overwhelming and counterproductive if they are not a right fit for your family.  

I’d also like to make a suggestion for older kids and YOU! Every year Ustadh Moosaa Richardson publishes a workbook and a series of daily lessons for Ramadaan. It’s difficult to really convey how beneficial these talks are. They are knowledge-rich lessons, based on the Quran and Sunnah, structured and planned thoughtfully and delivered by a masterful teacher. Just… good allahumma barik. Some years they are split into smaller lessons on topics like tajweed, Arabic, tafsir and hadith and that makes them particularly accessible for younger students who might not be able to focus for a longer period. The workbook really helps students to follow along with the lessons. Check out this year’s workbook here.

You can see past years’ talks here. You can listen all year round but it’s very special to follow along during Ramadaan.

Here are some of my resources that you might find helpful:

Continuing to homeschool but want Islamic texts for your English lessons? Find some here.

Looking for a Ramadan writing project? Check out this blog post with suggestions and printables.

Looking for done-for-you Ramadan activities for younger kids? check this out.

If you would like to teach them about great Muslims, the biographies of some Companions and scholars are available in the free resource library.  Sign up here to get access.  

Do you have kids who love animals? The info-packed Animals in the Qur’an activity book is available here.

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