What is a Companion worksheet which is one of the recommended topics to teach your child about Islam

How To Teach Islam To Your Child

We know how important it is to teach Islam to our children, but what topics should we teach and how? Everything seems important. It can be easy to become confused about what aspects of Islamic education to prioritize and emphasize.

Alhamdulillah there are many resources available for us to learn about our most important duty to our children.  There are lecture series from our noble scholars and teachers and also articles and books available about how to teach Islam to your child.

Two Incredible Series about Islamic Education

Rather than list an overwhelming number of such resources, below are two incredible lecture series about tarbiyyah, or cultivation and education of our children.

This list may be short but if these are listened to and acted upon, your home and family will be transformed with Allah’s permission. You will feel confident to teach Islam to your child knowing that you have covered the important topics in the right order bithnillah.

Prophetic Guidelines for Parents and Educators

A 4 part lecture series by Ustaath Moosaa Richardson (may Allah bless and preserve him).  This series benefits from Ustaadth Moosa’s clear, structured, engaging, academic approach.  It is so full of insight that one listen is not enough.  Find the accompanying slides to the lecture series here.

Highlights include a reflection on how excellent an educator our Messenger(may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace) was and the teaching principles we can learn from his interactions.

The Importance of Islamic Education and Cultivation

This lecture series is part of an online conference that included many different scholars and teachers about how to teach Islam to our children.  Some of the lectures are delivered in English and others in Arabic and then translated.  All of them are incredibly beneficial and the opportunity to listen to the different approaches by our noble scholars and educators on the topic of Islamic education is golden.

Highlights include a list of different topics you should teach your child in the lecture How to Raise The Children Upon Salafiyyah by Shaykh Arafat Al Muhammadi (may Allah bless and preserve him).

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