My Top 5 Useful Homeschool Supplies 

Although I have been homeschooling for a decade now, I definitely do not consider myself an expert Muslim homeschooler.  All the blog posts shared on this website are intended to just share what I have learned so far as a homeschool parent and resource creator.  I have bought a lot of resources and tools that weren’t a good fit for our family.  However here are 5 homeschool supplies that I use all the time, would definitely recommend and have made a big difference to my homeschool alhamdulillah.  They help make things run smoother, make teaching easier or just make homeschooling more engaging.  So without further ado…here are my top 5!

(I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post but they are at no extra cost to you and are all items I sincerely recommend.  Jazakallah khair for your support of this blog)

Ink Tank Printer

This changed my homeschool.  Alhamdulillah it has been a massive blessing.  I used to always print in black and white and only in colour very occasionally.  I would also always wince when I had to purchase new ink cartridges, which seemed to be all the time!  We have had the ink tank printed for over a year and are still nowhere near halfway through the ink that came with the printer.  Plus I went a bit crazy printing everything I had hesitated to previously.   The colourful printouts have brightened up our homeschool and made all the materials more appealing.  It is a big investment at first but it works out much more economical in the long run, especially for homeschoolers who print often.  You can purchase a similar one to the one that I use and recommend here, I purchased ours during a sale so it worked out more affordable.  It’s definitely worth looking out for deals inshaAllah.


You can print colour to your heart’s content inshaAllah!

No need to buy ink cartridges regularly

Very inexpensive cost per sheet price

The printers usually come with around 2-3 years ink supply


It is an investment up-front.

They are not easy to move from place to place (long distance)

Mini Whiteboard

One of life’s mysteries is why kids will refuse to write something on paper but happily write it on a whiteboard.  It can be used to your advantage though in a range of ways.  You can even use it yourself to write schedules, difficult spellings, reminders and more!  This one is double-sided with lines on one side and plain on the other which makes it useful for a range of ages.  As homeschool supplies go, this is pretty perfect, versatile, affordable and used everyday.


Kids love them and will willingly write on whiteboards what they are reluctant to write on paper.

Great for learning letter formation as younger kids find it easier to write larger letters.

No need to waste paper


Easy to edit

Encourages a growth mindset as mistakes are easy to rub out and change.


Kids have been known to get marker on other than the board!

If you forget to rub the marker off, it can be a bit harder to clean.


The timer is a popular object in my house.  It is used for timing turns, breaks, exercise and much more.  I prefer a timer to using a device like your phone because that can provide distraction.  Plus you can teach kids to set the timer themselves (and practice maths while doing so!).  This timer is simple, easy to use and magnetic so you can stick it to your fridge to prevent it from getting lost.


Very versatile and not limited to your homeschool

Keep kids focused and on track

Encourages kids to try, “just try it for 10 minutes”

Help to utilise the small breaks in your day “tidy for 5 minutes”

Stop sibling arguments. Use it for timed turn-taking.

Very affordable


The timer beep can get annoying

Kids may refuse to do anything after the timer goes off!

Homeschool Cart

I love my homeschool cart.  No, I really really love it.  I have written poetry about it. In fact, I’ll include it below so you can really understand how much it means to me.  You can get your own one here.  This might just be number one on my homeschool supplies list!

Oh homeschool cart how I love thee,

I once was stuck but now I’m free.

No longer anchored to one place,

I now can move around at pace.

You hold supplies and all our books.

You’re practical not just for looks.

The only drawback I have found

Is you’ve become a dumping ground.

But that is far too great a feat,

To change me from a slob to neat


Easy to move around.

Keep homeschool resources all in one place.

Easy to keep different kids’ resources separate.

Inexpensive relative to other storage items like bookshelves.

Can be repurposed around the house if you change your mind.

Lots of versions online to use as organisational inspiration.


Can easily become a dumping ground.

Different versions are common now so you have to watch out for quality.


This was one of the first things I bought as a homeschooler.  I was reading lots of homeschool and teaching blogs and they all had beautiful resources that were laminated.  I thought it made sense to laminate the resources I had spent so long finding and creating so that I could use them with any future children I was blessed with.  One lesson I learned was that you do not have to laminate everything.  Only laminate activities you think your will use again and again.  I still use mine regularly and it has lasted throughout the years even though I chose a very affordable option.  I couldn’t find the exact one but this one is very similar and has lots of good reviews.  A tip is to buy heavier grade laminating pouches if you want to make your items sturdier.


Resources last longer

Resources become more durable

Make resources water-proof (great for messier activities)

Great for manipulatives

You don’t need to use card when you laminate

Perfect for sheets you will use again and again

Lots of affordable options


Laminating pouches are an added cost

It takes time to cut out pieces (if you aren’t just laminating sheets)

I really hope that you found this post about my favourite homeschool items useful.  Please comment below with any items that you can’t live without in your homeschool.

Ink Tank Printer – 

Mini Whiteboard


Homeschool Cart


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