3 Ways to Homeschool in Ramadan

3 ways to homeschool in Ramadan

Lots of families like to stop their homeschool in Ramadan.  But what if you need to continue homeschooling in Ramadan to meet your academic goals for the year?  You might even want to use your homeschool structure and routine to really focus on Islamic studies during Ramadan.  Read on for some suggestions on how to […]

Why unit studies are perfect for teaching Islam to toddlers and young children

hot air balloon craft represents a fun activity used in a unit study

Teaching Islam to toddlers and young children can seem tricky at first.  Lots of parents (especially first-time parents) are very excited to share the beautiful deen Islam with their young children.  However, you can’t sit down with books and worksheets!  Allah blessed kids with the ability to learn a lot in a short space of […]

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