4 Simple Ways to Use Biographies in your Muslim Homeschool

Sa'd bin Abi Waqqas biography

You want to include biographies in your Muslim homeschool.  You know how important it is to provide them with examples of pious Muslims and positive role models.  However, you are short on time and unsure where to include them.  Here are some suggestions on how to easily and naturally incorporate biographies in your Muslim homeschool. […]

Benefits of Writing Prompts for Muslim Homeschools

Benefits of writing prompts for Muslim homeschools

You may have seen cute writing journals for kids but dismissed them because you were unsure of the benefits of writing prompts for Muslim homeschools.  You definitely don’t need to buy a special book or journal but writing prompts can really help transform writing lessons from a struggle to a breeze bithnillah.  Here are 5 […]

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