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writing prompt worksheet next to shells and a sun hat

These writing practice worksheets for Muslim children are perfect for Muslim homeschoolers.  They also make a great summer project for Muslim parents to give their kids to prevent skill loss during the summer.  

This writing resource encourage Muslim kids to reflect on Allah and Islam in a natural way.  Weaving Islamic content into other subjects stops kids viewing Islam as separate and encourages the perspective that it is part of all their life.


Banish blank pages and inject inspiration into your writing lessons!  These FREE writing prompts are especially designed for Muslim children so they are in line with your family’s Islamic values and encourage thoughtful reflection.

What’s Included?

✏️10 unique writing prompt pages

✏️Editing checklists for each version

✏️Islamically integrated – no need to edit or skip!

✏️Editing Checklists – encourage independence

✏️National Curriculum Aligned – tick all the boxes

✏️No Prep – Just print and go

✏️Black and White – printer ink friendly!

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